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LEOL We welcome you on the updated corporate site of the Lebedin Oil-Processing Plant. This site is designed for everybody interested in our plant: either a professional lubricants seller, or a car owner, or a journalist, or just a curious person.

We hope that all our visitors will find much useful information about the Lebedin Oil-Processing Plant production and sales, our partners, new projects, the latest events from our day-to-day life, about marketing strategy and advertizing actions, corporate policy and company values. Lebedin Oil-Processing Plant is the one of the biggest Ukrainian lubricative materials producers. Our dealers are present in every single region of Ukraine. Offering LEOL products, Lebedin Oil-Processing Plant completely takes on responsibilities for the outstanding quality of the products.

LEOLLebedin Oil-Processing Plant is the only natinal lubricative materials producers that is a present member of the Ukrainian Association for Quality.

It is since 2002 that the Plant works in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000.

The remarkable quality of the products was awarded with diplomas and prizes at the national and international exhibitions.

Should you have any questions or propositions, please contact us at: marketing@leol.ua

Lebedyn Oil Processing Plant, 42200, Ukraine, Sumy Region, Lebedyn, 19 Serpnya, 8, Str.

e-mail: marketing@leol.ua

Plant Direction (05445) 2-27-16
Marketing Direction (044) 443-40-15
Sells Department (05445) 2-27-16;
Department of Purchases and Logistic (05445) 2-11-69
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